Tomato Seeding

over 5 years ago | February, 3, 2015

December 26, 2014: While most of us are still enjoying Christmas breaks and family get togethers, for us its time to start making preparations for the 2015 season. Today, December 26, the kids and I seeded our first planting of greenhouse tomatoes. Its hard to believe its that time of year already. It doesn't take all that long to do, but careful thought goes into the varieties chosen and how many to seed. After we finish we will place them on germiation mats in the basement and keep them at a toasty 80 degrees for three days. On day four the seeds will have germinated and start sprouting upward. At this time we turn down the temp. to about 65 degrees and turn on the grow light overhead for about 14 hours per day to simulate summer day length. In just three short weeks we will be moving them out to the greenhouse so they can start to spread their wings a little.

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