Employment at Wishwell Farms

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Sales Associate and/or Field Crew

Our farm raises approximately 65 acres of vegetables, which are sold at 8-10 Farmers’ Markets, and a our farm stand in Marysville. Our farming season begins ramping up around mid May with greenhouse tomatoes, and continues through the end of October, harvesting and selling over 20 different kinds of vegetables. Seasonal work will begin immediately after school lets out for the year; late May or early June depending on your schedule, and continue through the middle of October. Often there is still work available even until the middle of November. When school is back in session, we work after school starting at 3:30pm, and most Saturdays. College bound students may have different schedules.

The field crew duties would include, but not be limited to, all aspects of planting, weeding, harvesting, washing, and packing of the produce, and any other general farm work. Most of the summer this position will offer 25-30 hours per week, Monday through Saturday, with most of the work being in the mornings Monday – Friday. We will not have any work on Sundays. Some Friday afternoon work will be required to help load trucks.

The sales associates duties would include, but not be limited to, daily truck/trailer loading and sales of the harvested produce. Most of the summer this position will offer 25-40 hours per week. All sales take place Monday –Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 6am-4pm. Many of the Saturday markets start very early and most of the trucks leave the farm around 6am-7am, Being available to work on Saturday mornings is required to be considered for hiring. Some Friday afternoon truck loading may also be required. Some positions will be for both harvesting and selling, for the right person, if there is an interest in both positions. The availability to continue working after school has resumed is a big plus. Part time work is available 9 months a year.

You may also include a resume or a letter about yourself with any special circumstances that should be considered, if you wish, but this is not required.

Deadline is April 30

Applications received after April 30 may not be considered for summer employment, however, will be kept on file for possible employment during the fall season (Sept.-Nov.)

You will be notified within two weeks of receiving your application to schedule an interview, if we are hiring at that time. Please feel free to contact us through e-mail to inquire about your application if you have not heard from someone within two weeks.

Job Requirements
Field Crew:
  • High School age or older
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Available May 25 – September 15 approx. (possibly April 1 – November 25)
  • Work mornings M-F and some Friday afternoons 1:00pm-5:00pm
  • Able to work outdoors rain or shine, especially in the heat
  • Work well with others as a team
  • Be a self starter, take initiative
  • Be dependable, prompt, and honest
Sales Associate:
  • Age 16 or older with valid drivers license
  • Have a good driving record
  • Available May 25-September 15 approx.
  • Be able to work alone or with a partner
  • Must enjoy working with people
  • Be able to communicate well with people
  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Be enthusiastic and energetic
  • Be able to work in a fast pace environment
  • Be dependable, prompt, and honest
  • Be available Saturday mornings
Tardiness & Absences

Tardiness and absence from work will not be tolerated without advanced notice. You should arrive 5-10 minutes early to put on boots, ect., and be ready to work at start time. If you are going to be absent or tardy to work, a phone call a 1⁄2 hour prior to start time must be made. If you arrive to work late without a phone call, and there is a crew waiting on you, you will not be paid for the first hour of work. This will help offset the expense of having the other members of the work crew standing around and waiting for you. After three occurrences, depending on the situation, your employment may be terminated. Habitual tardiness will result in termination of your employment. Saturday mornings are different. A minimum of a one week notice is required to request a Saturday morning Farmers' Market off. If you are scheduled for a market and are tardy, you may be required to drive your own vehicle at your own expense and off the clock, to meet your partner at the market. If you are going to be absent due to an emergency, a phone call prior to 9:00 pm the night before must be made. Two occurrences may result in termination of your employment.

Duties & Responsibilities
Field Crew:
  • Harvesting up to 20 different vegetables
  • Washing and Packing produce
  • Learn to use a pallet jack
  • Load trucks for markets
  • Plant and water transplants in greenhouse
  • Plant transplants in field
  • Work with greenhouse tomatoes
  • Put up tomato stakes in field
  • String tomato plants
  • Set up irrigation for crops
  • Weeding and spraying
  • Any other general farm work not listed
Sales Associate:
  • Loading produce for markets
  • Arrange produce on display shelves
  • Sell at Farmers’ Markets
  • Run cash register, electronic scales, and credit card machines
  • Set up and tear down of market tents and tables
  • General market clean up at end of each day
Job Specification
Field Crew:

During May-June we will be planting seeds in the greenhouse, transplanting in the fields, and harvesting and packing greenhouse tomatoes. During the season, Monday through Friday start time is 7:00-7:30am. Once sweet corn and other crops are ready, we begin each day picking and packing it for sale that day. Sweet corn harvest is for experienced, return employees only. On many days we are finished harvesting by noon, because of the summer heat. Unless there is a delivery to make or one of the retail sales stands need worked, there usually is not too much work in the afternoon. Around September 10 we begin the fall harvest of pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, winter squash, and cauliflower. About the middle of October, things start to slow down, and its time to lift the plastic mulch and drip tape out of the fields, which usually takes until the first week of November. By late October, generally the greenhouses are all cleaned out, and the season will be nearing its end.

Sales Associate:

For sales only jobs, you would be selling in the home market or at one of our other retail stands in Marysville, or Columbus. Most of the weekday markets begin in the mid to late afternoon hours, and continue through early evening. Friday and Saturdays are very hectic. Some Friday afternoons will be required to work and help prepare for Saturdays large volume of sales. On Saturdays, up to 7 trucks leave the farm around 6:00am – 7:00am for the Farmers’ Markets or other retail stands around Columbus, and Marysville.

Specifics of both positions combined: Time blocks

    May 25-June 20 (time block 1)

  • 20-30 hours/week
  • Harvest and pack greenhouse tomatoes
  • Sell at Farmers’ Markets
  • Work in greenhouses
  • June 20-July 10 (time block 2)

  • 20-30 hours/week
  • Harvesting, delivering, and selling all vegetables
  • Work in greenhouses
  • July 10- Aug. 15 (time block 3)

  • 20-40 hours/week
  • Harvesting, delivering, and selling all vegetables
  • Work in greenhouses
  • Aug. 15-Sept. 5 (time block 4)

  • 20-30 hours/week
  • Harvesting, delivering, and selling all vegetables
  • Harvesting pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, and winter squash
  • Work in greenhouses
  • Sept.5- Oct. 10 (time block 5)

  • 20-30 hours/week
  • Harvesting, delivering, and selling all vegetables
  • Harvesting pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, and winter squash
  • Work in greenhouses
  • Oct. 10- Nov. 25 (time block 6)

  • 10-15 hours/week
  • Pick up plastic mulch and drip tape out of fields
  • Clean out greenhouses
  • General clean up around farm

*Please note: College students that move to campus before Labor Day, and are not commuting, will be given less consideration for hiring. Students that attend State colleges that begin later in the year, or that are commuting, will be given priority in hiring due to the fact that you are able to work on the farm during one of the busiest parts of the season, August through mid September.

Job Compensation

Starting pay for highschool age with no prior experience is $12/hr. Starting pay for college age and adults may be higher depending on past experience in areas such as sales or other work experiences you may have had. In this case, starting pay will be between $15-20/hr based on experience and capabilites. After an evaluation period of several weeks on the job, your hourly pay may be raised depending on skills you possess, getting to work on time, ability to lead a small crew in the field, exceptional sales abilities, and how consistently you work at a fast pace. Top pay for these positions is $20.00/hr. Your hourly rate will depend on how well you perform in these areas. Not everyone will receive a pay increase, and pay increases may be taken away if you do not demonstrate a consistent work ethic, week in and week out. Payday is on Fridays. On the occasion when a family vacation is planned during the summer, or other activities that may require some time off, two weeks notice is required.

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