Our Mission

At Wishwell Farms we will glorify God by reflecting His image as we care for His creation and produce food from His abundance, providing for the physical needs of ourselves and others in a way that honors the design and intent of God. We will tend to our land in order to protect its resources and create a legacy of responsible farming to be handed down to the next generation in even better condition than we received it.

Our farm will provide an enjoyable quality of life that promotes the family unit, where everyone can contribute to the family and learn the value of hard work, as well as its rewards. It is our goal to treat both our customers and competition with respect, as we are called to act with integrity in everything we do, including our business dealings. We will stand out from our competition by providing a diverse mix of produce, grown from the best seed varieties, and offered at numerous, convenient locations, so our customers can enjoy the freshest, highest quality food at a fair price.

Our employees will be given a fun and rewarding work environment where they will be valued and appreciated as an integral part of our farm. As members of our team, they can feel proud at their part in harvesting and marketing healthy food for many families in our communities. Wishwell Farms uses biblical thinking as the foundation for all of its farming methods and interactions. May our farm be ever changing and reforming to be more God honoring.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality, freshness and flavor of our produce we will gladly give you a refund or replace your produce. We strongly encourage your suggestions and feedback. Our Guarantee

Our Story

Wishwell Farms began as a dairy and grain operation four generations ago. The grain operation still remains an integral part of the farm. However, after the dairy was sold in 2001, the farm began raising vegetables for the fresh market, with over 99% being marketed directly to consumers through numerous retail outlets; the main one being the farm market on US route 68 just north of Bellefontaine. The remaining 1% is sold direct to a small supermarket chain and several restaurants.

What began as a way to get rid of extra sweet corn from the family patch in the 1990’s has grown into a substantial business. Not only did it help pay for college tuition, it has become a full time career for Jason Wish and his family, employing around 25 part time workers during the summer months.

The name “Wishwell”, which is obviously derived from our last name, also has some historical meaning as well. Frank Wish started a milk bottling company in Bellefontaine in the 1930’s, called “Hopewell Dairy”, using the milk from the original Wish dairy. Because the name “Hopewell” was already in use, the Wish dairy decided to use the name “Wishwell”. The name “Hopewell” comes from the Hopewell Indians who once inhabited the area.

In 1998 the produce sales at Wishwell Farms moved from the family garage to its current location on US Route 68. The vegetables are grown on approximately 70 acres of land, and in several greenhouses. The most popular items being sweet corn, tomatoes and strawberries, but also include summer and winter squash, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, melons, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and pumpkins. Wishwell Farms also provides many other fruits and vegetables at their market that are not grown on the farm.

The growth of the market has been consumer driven. Wishwell Farms takes pride in providing its customers with only the highest quality produce. Special attention is given to the varieties chosen to plant in order to grow only the most flavorful, and best looking produce anywhere. Each year something new is added to the market mix to meet demand and promote growth. In 2002, an old family recipe for sweet pepper relish was processed on a large scale from the vegetables grown on the farm. The response was so amazing that a hot version was added the following year.

In 2011 we opened our own certified kitchen in our old milk house, where we now process all of our own relish in small batches. In 2017 we erected our 5th greenhouse, four of which are used for growing early tomatoes. This will allow us to have more homegrown tomatoes to meet the ever growing demand at Farmers' Markets May through July.

Our History

Four generations ago, Wishwell Farms began with just a few cows. Needing an outlet for the extra milk, the second eldest Wish son, Frank Wish, started Hopewell Dairy.
Wishwell Farms builds state of the art dairy facility, milking over 100 holsteins
Wish's start selling extra sweet corn from the family patch
Produce sales move from family garage to current location
First greenhouse erected for hydroponic tomato production.
Old family recipe for sweet pepper relish was processed large scale from vegetables grown on the farm.
Response was so amazing from sweet pepper relish, a hot pepper version was added.
Half acre high tunnel erected for early tomatoes
Wishwell Farms expands to 2 retail locations, and 14 Farmers' Markets in 5 counties.